Why build a natural pool?

By | December 3, 2022
natural pool hotel

Today, interest in natural pools is growing considerably as people become more aware of what is ecological and respectful of nature.

A natural pool can be interesting for private homes as well as for hotels, farmhouses and bed and breakfasts.

With a natural pool you can combine the beauty of a pond, full of spectacular aquatic plants and flowers, with the possibility of bathing in a very natural environment with clear, odourless and chlorine-free water.

If you are a private individual, having a natural pool in your garden can be a great thing for you, your family, your friends and your children. Among other things, children will be able to use it without any health risk from chlorine, which they would otherwise have if you would build a conventional pool.

If you own a farmhouse or a bed and breakfast, it can be very interesting especially if you are in a natural context where your guests come because they want to be in touch with nature. Now that natural pools are not very popular yet, having an accommodation business with a natural pool would certainly make you stand out from the competitors.

If you own an hotel, it can be interesting as an element of innovation and differentiation from the competitors. In the future, it will be more and more normal to find natural pools instead of chlorinated pools, as the world is gradually evolving in a “green” direction. In 10 or 20 years, having a chlorinated pool will be considered “old-fashioned” and obsolete.

A natural pool requires much less electricity than a conventional pool because the pumps for recirculating the water between the swimming area and the aquatic plant area require rather low flow rates.

In addition, in a natural pool for maintenance you will never have to use chlorine or isocyanuric acid, which is added with it as a stabiliser, with all the associated problems I have already mentioned in the article on the differences between a natural pool and a conventional pool. So you never have to do any water replacement or treatments.

Another aspect to bear in mind, whether you are a private individual or the owner of a farmhouse, bed and breakfast or hotel, is that a natural pool is a decorative element of the garden all year round, not just for bathing in during the summer.

A natural pool will never be covered or emptied, and in winter you can enjoy it as an ornamental pond, perhaps covered in ice or snow!

So why not build a natural pool, which combines the beauty of greenery and flowers of aquatic plants with pleasant chlorine-free water in which to swim?