About us

I am Davide Serra, owner of Aquatic Plants Nursery – Balanced Pond Experts and Biopool Wizard srl.

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My story begins with a passion for aquatic environments, ponds and aquatic plants. A passion that led to the birth of Aquatic Plants Nursery – Balanced Pond Experts, which step by step has become a structured farm with several employees and which operates mainly online, supplying aquatic plants for ponds, natural pools and phyto-purification plants, in Italy and Europe.

For the aquatic plant cultivations of our nursery, we have built 14 ponds over several years, each with a surface area of between 300 and 500 m² plus two other lakes dedicated to wild flora and fauna of around 1500 m² each.

If you haven’t seen yet the introductory videos on how to achieve a well-balanced pond with aquatic plants, visit this page and access to our free resources (videos and “Guide to growing aquatic plants”).

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If you are wondering why you should read what is written in this blog, I want to tell you how I got into the world of natural pools.

A natural pool is somewhere between a pond and a conventional pool where we want to achieve the same level of clear water as in a swimming pool, but using a completely natural system based on phyto-purification rather than chlorine.

In recent years interest in natural pools has grown enormously because there is a greater interest in what is organic, natural and ecological.

However, over the last few years more and more people were contacting me to try to sort their problems out with their natural pools, that had been built in previous years by companies or people who professed to be natural pool experts, and which were not working at all!

Given my direct experience with our nursery ponds and indirect experience through the thousands of customers we have in Italy and Europe, whose ponds and initial problems we know about, and to whom we have supplied the aquatic plants (with subsequent assistance for 12 months!) I know exactly how to get a pond in balance, i.e. with clean water and no algae.

A natural pool is a little different from a pond, but knowing the basics of how to achieve a well-balanced pond is essential.

So it was quite easy to understand the reasons why these natural pools of these people who contacted me were not working as desired.

I was very surprised at the mistakes that these supposed natural pool experts were capable of making!

After makin my own observations on several cases, the various problems that can occur can all be traced back to 3 major errors which I discuss in this video. In most of these natural pools, all three of these mistakes have been made!

As engineer, I like to speak with facts and always provide concrete proof of what I say. So in the meantime, we decided to build a natural pool in our nursery (to the delight of my wife and employees of the nursery, who can now bathe in a clear, pleasant water located in a beautiful natural setting!)

Here is our natural pool built for demonstration purposes, 170 sqm in total, on which one day, also a giant flamingo landed!

natural pool waterlilies

In order to explain a step-by-step method for building a natural pool, I decided to make a video course by filming the whole process of construction of a natural pool and then keeping the useful parts with related explanations.

This led to the creation of the DIY Natural Pool course, which includes our advice and assistance and around 70 videos showing and explaining everything you need to do, without hiding any secrets.

So from now on we can make anyone else replicate the result of our natural pool!

In this way, you too will be able to create a smaller or larger natural pool on your own or with the help of a friend, gardener or builder who will have to follow the video course.

Find everything on this page!

Currently only the Italian version is available. We are working on making it available in other languages soon.